Book Review: The Custom of the Army

Title: The Custom of the Army

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 4 stars


After an electric-eel party (involves connecting as many people as possible while someone holds onto the eel), Lord John finds himself in a little hot water over a lady’s honor. This results in a duel that ends badly and thus finds himself needing to lay low for awhile.


Before starting his new commission, Lord John receives a summons to act as a character witness for an old friend, Captain Charles Carruthers in Canada. So he travels to the New World and comes across many secrets and scandals that he finds himself getting involved in. Lord John is able to reunite with his new cousin-in-law but not is all as it seems.


Overall, there were parties, duels, family issues and wars fought plus much more. I am really enjoying the LJG series and the novella’s offer a nice interlude between novels.



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