Book Review: Behind the Wall

Title: Behind the Wall

Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick

Rating: 4.5 stars

I first read this story as part of the Hot for Teacher Anthology  and I remember it being one of my favourite from the collection. I always like to read the story again when the author expands the story (especially when I loved it the first time).

I do love a good prison romance and this one was really great. Ella Newsome is teaching the GED class at a prison. This is where she meets inmate Dane Garrett. Garrett feels an attraction but his intense stares are first misinterpreted very differently by Miss Newsome. After an honest paper Garrett writes about his wishes after he gets out of prison (he is up for parole soon), Miss Newsome gains a new understanding seeing him for the man he really is.

Garrett becomes the teachers aide and some sparks fly between the two. Garrett takes the leap and when everyone else is a distracted and asks if Ella feels the same. Garrett and Ella begin to really care for each other but Garrett and worried that he isn’t good enough for Ella.


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