Book Review: The Bombshell Effect

Title: The Bombshell Effect

Author: Karla Sorensen

Rating: 4 stars


Luke Pierson is focused on being a good father to his daughter and a good quarterback for his team, but what he doesn’t expect is his new neighbour, Allie Sutton. Allie’s first impression on Luke isn’t great. Allie goes over to greet her new neighbours but doesn’t receive a warm welcome from Luke, who is a jerk.


Allie doesn’t like football, so she is more than a little surprised that her father left her his beloved football team in his will. Allie navigates a world she knows little about and much to her displeasure, receives the guidance from Luke. What begins as respectful dislike becomes sneaky glances that grows into an affair that makes everything complicated.


The Bombshell Effect was entertaining and a very enjoyable read. I like a good sports romance now and then and this one definitely filled the spot.


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