Book Review: The Varlet and the Voyeur

Title:The Varlet and the Voyeur

Author: L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid

Rating: 3.5 stars


Josey Kavanagh, at age 26 has just been told that she needs to move out of her parents house, which is a problem as she has no money to support herself and pay tuition for her veterinarian course. Crashing with her best friend Eilish and her rugby player boyfriend Bryan is only a short term solution but Josey can be a little strange at times and has worn out her welcome. Luckily Bryan has a solution.


William Moore has always had an upstanding reputation, until news comes out about him being a voyeur. This has smeared his clean cut image and now he needs a roommate that will help him keep his inclinations in check. This is where Josey comes in. She is in need of a job and place to stay and her open personality is just what Will needs.


Josey is often saying things that she shouldn’t, shes quirky and also practical. Will is serious but also a gentleman, he just wants to do the right thing. Their relationship builds and they come to like each other. But Will has his reservations about not dating someone until he knows that relationship could be serious as to avoid anyone from getting hurt, but nonetheless he finds himself drawn to Josey and her refreshing personality.


However, there was something that stopped be from becoming completely captivated in the story and I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would even though it was still quite good.



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