Book Review: The Hardest Fall

Title: The Hardest Fall

Author: Ella Maise

Rating: 4 stars


“On and off the field, you’re my hardest fall. No one has ever compared, and no one ever will.”


When Zoe first met Zoe it was awkward and embarrassing to say the least. Their second meeting didn’t fare much better. But two years have passed now unexpectedly find themselves as roommates. Zoe was shy, awkward and so cute. Dylan was thoughtful and a great guy.


Dylan and Zoe soon become best-friends and are fighting some serious chemistry. But Zoe has a secret that really complicates their relationship.


Dylan and Zoe were adorable together but they also go through a lot together. There were many unexpected moments that kept you wanting more. This was a sports romance that was different than others I have read.




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