Book Review: Gods & Monsters

Title: Gods & Monsters

Author: Saffron A Kent

Rating: 3.5 stars


Evie Hart is the towns princess preferring to spend her time in her tree-house and writing stories. When she was twelve, one evening she meets the towns outcast, Abel Adams. They begin with an unlikely friendship, followed by a secret budding romance turning into a forbidden and doomed love.


Their small, narrow-minded town holds many ugly secrets and are unaccepting of the love Evie and Adam share. Soon their reality spins out of control where they are left to make some tough decisions.


The book is split into three different sections: The Sin, The Fall and The Legend. I really enjoyed the first section of the book that explores a young and forbidden love. The second part is navigating a new relationship. For me I found the story going in an unexpected direction that I wasn’t all that fond of- it really took me by surprise. And the final part deals with the consequences of their relationship.


Parts of their love was obsessive and sometimes toxic and problematic. . This was an interesting read, unexpected and different than what I have read before. This is Abel and Evie’s journey as they face prejudice and painful pasts, the monsters we create, and the need for forgiveness.




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