Favourite Book Read in October


There has been many good books this month, including finishing the Outlander series.


Written In My Own Heart’s Blood

The eighth book in the Outlander series and still as action packed. Claire and Jamie have reunited only to be drawn up in the goings on of the Revolution. There are many new romances also in this book which was lovely to see. Plus some interesting revelations for Roger and Brianna.


Forever Right Now

Darlene is starting over with her life and moves to San Francisco to hopefully peruse her dream of dancing. She meets Sawyer who lives in the same apartment building. Sawyer is finishing law school and studying for the bar all while raising his young daughter after her mother abandoned her.


Sure Thing

Violet is acting as a tour guide to cover for her identical twin sister when the guy she spent one night with joins her on a tour.


The Clover Chapel

Emmy and Nick were married one crazy night in Vegas, however Nick leaves and they don’t see each for nine years. That is until Emmy gets a teaching position in the same small town that Nick lives.


The Storm

Kieran has known right from the start that Marie is the girl for him, he only needs to convince her of that fact.



Jude used to be a cop and in a single night his entire life changed, after he was the first responder to a house fire. Rhion’s life also changed in a single night but she shares a special connection to Jude.



Kera has known since she was fifteen that she will marry the son of the mafia, but everything changes when she ends up marrying the henchman Deklan instead.

Book Favourite Read in September


A Breath of Snow and Ashes

A Breath of Snow and Ashes is filled with intrigue, adventure, drama and romance. There is murder and kidnappings and secrets abound. Some are kept and some are revealed with surprising results.


An Echo in the Bone

The story continues with some new perspectives as the adventure continues.


Nineteen Letters

An emotional story about a husbands unconditional love for his wife and best-friend after she is in an accident and loses her memory.



The continuation of Logan and Tate’s story.



The ‘bad boy’ famous actor come back to his hometown to win back the girl he loved and lost and start a relationship with his daughter.


Anything You Can Do

An enemies to lovers story where the main couple share a strong rivalry while also having to work at the same medical practice in their small hometown.


The Foxe & the Hound

A hot veterinarian, a down on her luck real-estate agent and a very rambunctious puppy makes for a charming read.

Favourite Books Read in August


The Fiery Cross

The fifth installment of the Outlander series. Drama ensues as the American revolution is on the horizon.


The Pursuit of Lady Harriett

A very sweet historical romance. Lady Harriett doesn’t get along with Lt Jamison but as soon finds her feelings change.


Monster Among the Roses

A modern re-telling of Beauty and the Beast and a beautiful story.


Beard in Mind

Shelly and Beau don’t get along but then things start to change as they grow closer.


I’m In It

The next (and one of the final installments) Reed Brothers book. An attraction between Wren and Mick exists but the timing isn’t right.



A new generation of Gentrys.

Favourite Books Read in July


So many good books this month!


Drums of Autumn 

A continuation of Outlander. Jamie and Claire are making their home in North Carolina, meanwhile Brianna and Roger discover some news that force them to make a decision.


And Then There Were None

A great murder mystery/psychological thriller where ten people are invited to a remote island for a party and are murdered one by one.


The Iron Tiara

A spin-off of the Nine Minutes trilogy that focuses on Bear and Christy and how some bad circumstances turns into an epic love.


The Darkest Sunrise

The first part of an amazing duet.


The Brightest Sunset

The second part of a duet about two people who have experienced tragedy in their past that is unexpectedly connected.


The Rise of Miss Notley

A sweet, funny and delightful historical romance.


A Little Bit Like Love

Lucas and Jackson are given a second chance at romance after they were forced apart many years earlier.



A wonderful story about two beautiful coming together overcome past and current struggles.


Beautiful Mistake

A professor and teach aide share an attraction but find their pasts are intertwined.


Favourite Books Read in June


There has been so many good reads this month. The first half of June I was really busy and wasn’t able to read as much as I would have liked but I was able to catch up on many recent releases.


Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade: Lord John is dealing with past family scandals and gaining new family members that has the potential to cause a scandal in itself.


The Scottish Prisoner: This is my favourite book of the Lord John Grey series. Jamie Fraser and Lord John join forces to try and squash a possible Jacobite uprising in Ireland.


Tied: This was a beautiful story about two lost and broken souls coming together and finding love and friendship.


The Butterfly Project: A beautiful story of the importance of forgiveness but also love and friendship.


Sugar & Gold: A man who never settles and a woman running from her past find each other and make something beautiful.


Ruckus: They have loved each other for a long time but the timing has never been right- not to mention he used to date the wrong sister.


Buns: This is a great enemies to lovers story with some great banter.


Strong Enough: A story of chasing your dreams and being brave and letting yourself fall in love.


Favourite Books Read in May


This has been a month of new books from some of my favourite series.


The Queen and the Cure

An epic romantic fantasy that is truly amazing. Kjell and Sasha are thrown together due to circumstances and develop feeling for the other, but not all is what is seams.


I love Tate and Logan and this continues their story four years on. It details their day to day life and shows their commitment to each other. It was another great edition to the series.


A fun and quirky read including a slow burn romance. After a first date gone wrong Matt and Marie become friends and eventually fall for each other.

Favourite Books Read in April


These are the books that I have read that stood out to me.


The epic tale of Jamie and Claire continues as does my love for this series. Jamie and Claire reunite after twenty years apart where they must overcome many obstacles to be together.


The Gravity of Us

This was a heartwarming story about how two people are complete opposites come together in a beautiful story of love and friendship.


Mister Moneybags

A great book with many plot twists and excellent chemistry between the main characters was off the charts, a great romantic read.

Favourite Books Read in March


I finally started the Outlander series and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Plus there were some other really good books this month including a brand new author.



This book is epic filled with romance, drama and adventure and Jamie and Claire have become one of my favourite couples. This is must read and absolutely amazing.


Dragonfly in Amber

This continues the epic adventure of Outlander. New characters are introduced plus new and exciting revelations that make it impossible to stop reading the series.


Don’t Speak

This is an emotional and heartwarming retelling of The Little Mermaid. The story of a simple island girl falling for the rich Governor’s Son and how they eventually reconcile their differences.


The Coppersmith Farmhouse

This an amazing debut novel telling the story of a woman and her daughter starting a new life in a small town and meeting the town Sheriff who changes their world. This was a fantastic read and can’t wait to read whatever else the author writes.



This continues the story of Ace and Dylan and how they work with and support each other to achieve their own sort of happy ending.



Favourite Books Read in February


I read many good books this month but these three books are the ones that stood out among them all.


Mists of the Serengeti

This was an epic romance, adventure and was absolutely stunning. This is the kind of book that stays with you for a long time.


Preston’s Honor

This was a beautiful book of second chances and love that was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Another great read fro Mia Sheridan.


A Thousand Letters

A wonderful second chance romance based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion. This was such a touching story about two souls coming together after pain and circumstance. It was about family, loss, pain, love and so much more.

Favourite Books Read in January


Dear LifeThis was a unique read and tells the story of four people coming together who are all going through different situations.


ViciousA deliciously dark read that you can’t help but fall in love.


EgomaniacA delightful read that offers a swoon worthy hero.


Preppy: A great addition to the series.


Worth the WaitA wonderful second chance romance that was ‘well worth the wait’.


One Careful OwnerA heart warming story of love and acceptance.